Exdel SRL, André Delhez

Oude Katsei 99
3890 Gingelom

Résumé : I worked in management positions from 1977 to 2009 in construction companies that held contractor certifications, particularly in category C. General road construction companies - C1 General sewerage works - C2 Water distribution and various pipelines - C5 Hydrocarbon coatings and coatings - C6 Trenching of electrical and telecommunication cables - E. Civil engineering companies - E1 Collector sewers. - G Earthworks (BODARWE SA Malmedy) - G Earthworks (BODARWE SA Malmedy) Since 2004, I have been managing the civil engineering laboratory ABC experts in Herstal, which is accredited by the FPS Economy (BELAC) for the testing of construction materials, in particular quarried stone, tarmac and concrete (Laboratory ABC experts). The laboratory is accredited for waste analyses within the meaning of the AGW of 11 April 2019 laying down the conditions for the registration of waste samplers and the conditions for the accreditation of waste analysis laboratories. The laboratory is also a registered carrier for the transport of non-hazardous waste in accordance with AGW of 13 November 2003 on the registration of waste collectors and carriers. The laboratory is also a registered sampler within the meaning of the soil decree of the Walloon Region and is specialised in drilling and soil permeability analyses in the context of the implementation of permeameters and infiltration tests (Porchet Law) within the framework of the AGW of 01 December 2016 relating to sanitation and public management of autonomous sanitation.

Liste des domaines reconnus :
1.16 Foundations - Piles
1.22 Soil Mechanics And Geology
1.39 Earthworks
15.15 Sol - Investigation
15.16 Soil - Pollution
15.3 Waste - Treatment
15.7 Working Environment
2.12 Water Treatment - Facilities
2.20 Car Parks
2.21 Bridges - Heavy Constructions
2.26 Hydraulic Work
2.27 Pipes - Gas Pipes
2.6 Road Construction - Sewers
2.7 Road Construction - General
22.5 Analyse Chimique De Matériaux (Peintures, Vernis, Coatings, Encres, …)
6.12 Waste
6.22 Marble - Natural Stone
6.3 Asphalt
6.4 Concrete - Repair

Numéro du Registre des Expert :