CVSIDEe - Consultance, Vente, Service en Informatique, Domotique et Electricite, Marc Van Nieuwenhove

rue de l'Agasse, 75
5030 Gembloux

Résumé : Skills and experience in all IT professions such as operations management, project management, information security and auditing according to different methodologies (ITIL, CoBit, ISO27001). Extended areas of expertise in technology law matters (Intellectual Property, Privacy (GDPR, DPO), Security (NIS), Computer Crime. Active both at judicial level and for private expertises.

Liste des domaines reconnus :
9.1 Computer - Multimedia (Audio, Video)
9.10 Internet And Multimedia
9.11 Social Networks
9.12 Telecommunications And Networks
9.2 Information Technology - General
9.4 Information Technology - Embedded Software
9.5 Computer - Hardware
9.6 Data Processing - Lan Networks - Cabling
9.7 Management Information Technology
9.9 Computer Software And Project Management

Par mail : Mvn5030@GMail.Com
Par téléphone : +32478504071

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