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At the beginning of 2011, it was clear that " the judicial experts still had no title or status..."
The judicial experts were still expecting decent remuneration and payment within a reasonably acceptable period of time.
This is summed up in three lines the one but immense ambition that animated three judicial experts to create the Institute of Judicial Experts.

This is how our institute was born on 05 May 2011, in the form of a Professional Union, from the will of :

  • Pierre NOEL, engineer-industry expert

  • Olivier DEBLINDE, chartered accountant

  • Dominique DAUE, computer expert.

Only Pierre NOEL, founder and president, is still present and a member of the managing board.
Since 2011 our status has evolved towards greater recognition and greater professionalism.  The legal texts are voted, the Royal Decrees are published but if the will is there, the means of the SPF Justice are lacking.

With you, your board works on these evolutions ...

Our Team